New Look

A 2-post collection


Every morning, I have been waking up to something new happening on this site. And it's all because of Beloved. They're spending their precious free time on tweaking, primping, and otherwise fancifying my blog for you.

Today's feature is a Subscription button WAAAAAAYYY down on the bottom of the menu. Don't worry, it's free.

What you get out of subscribing is a simplified feed of everything that goes into my blog. I have to assume that it's mobile friendly because said feed removes everything pretty that goes onto the webpage ;)

You may also notice that the post previews are more tastefully arranged than yesterday's arbitrary block of text. Featured posts let you read more directly, and past posts now have a very lovely "Read More" button.

Fun times.

I still want to have a donation feature. Writing is about the only reliable skill I have, and it hasn't started to pay for itself yet. You will be able to donate as little as a dollar towards paying my bills and buying some of the expensive things I kinda need to keep doing what I love.

And since it seems like my Mac is making wheezing noises, those bills might include AU$2.5K for a new Mac. Le sigh.

Don't fret yet, dear readers. I have everything I'm working on backed up to both Cloud and Drobo. No data loss from dead compy's THIS time, haha! Plus, this Mac of mine can still be rejuvinated by a good reboot. All is not lost. Yet.

There's always a way around things. It's just that most ways are made easier with money.