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Challenge #03430-I142: The Raveled Sleeve of Care

What if the Lich King of Ages.... is little more than a cursed child? A child whose own father, out of jealousy, greed, avarice, or just plain cruelty, cursed them? What if, all they really need, is to know kindness for once in their life? -- Anon Guest

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, they had fought their way to the innermost sanctum of the Lich King of Ages. Though 'fought' was an expansive word for solving the problems of everyone the Lich King put in their way. Most of the time with colourful yarnwork.

Most of Abundance's contributions to what passed for the fray were growing plants specifically for turning into fibrous objects. That was when Kevin's magical Bow of Necessity didn't provide.

It had, just recently, provided a secure fortress in which everyone could restore their faculties, powers, and nerves. A salvation point before the big, bad boss battled the hero foretold.

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