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Challenge #01360-C265: Signs of True Love


"My only explanation is that I'm very tired, and I never made very good decisions in the first place," -- OohLookShiny

Mel had slept through the crash at 2AM, but in her favour, it happened relatively far away. She had no idea what was happening until closer to four, when Lus' swearing filtered through her dreams.

There was a trail of blood and broken glass. There were scatters of medical strips in the middle of a larger mess of blood and glass. And there was Lus, seated awkwardly on a stepstool and alternately plucking glass out of their legs and applying medical strips to the injury.

Mel, barely into conscious thought, had only one logical reaction to the sight. "WHAT THE FLYING SHIT, LUS?"

Lus looked up from their impromptu throne. "I swore we had a glass with my name engraved on it and I went looking. The next thing I knew..." they gestured at the scatter of debris.

"What the flying shit, Lus?"

"I told you those boxes were badly balanced."

Mel made a basic gesture that essentially mimed, What the flying shit, Lus? She said, "Why?"

Lus looked around them. "Uh. Okay, my only explanation is that I'm very tired and I never made good decisions in the first place?"

Mel sighed and began sweeping up the glass. "So now we have zero glasses. Thanks babe."

"I'm trying."

"Very, but I love you anyway." Once she got the glass safely corralled, she found herself a second pair of tweezers and started helping her beloved. "What made you go looking for stuff in the middle of the night?"

Lus just made the 'I dunno' noise.

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