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When good Science Fiction contains Bad Science

I can’t be the only person annoyed by this. Science fiction is supposed to contain science. Especially the kind of science even a layperson can recognize.

If a layperson can correct your mishandled physics, bad math, chemistry failures and so on… it irritates me no end.

Especially when writers use said bad science as a major plot point.

It’s like hanging a chandelier with chewing gum. The foundation is flawed and the whole thing collapses.

And some of this stuff is so simple a simple trip to Wikipedia or five seconds on Google could give far more accurate facts and give way less aggravation in the final product.

And this is something that’s allegedly professionally produced.

Sure, to you guys, it’s just science fiction. It’s also just a recognizable and relatively lossless income stream.

…that is, if you don’t fuck it up…