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Challenge #02839-G282: Rage in the Dark

What if animals/entities such as the chupacabra, skin walker, and yowie didn’t originate here on earth, but were test subjects sent through a black hole. -- Latino Thor

[AN: I am WAY too white to play with native legend domains, so I'll try some other stuff]

Theoretically, it is a slow and painful death. Theoretically. From the outside, it is quick. The vessel and the victim inside stretch out and blend with the aura of light around the event horizon, and then they are gone.

Inside... it is long. Time stretches out. You see the Universe's life play out before you, behind you, all at once. It's enough to ruin a mind. Did you know? That which travels through a black hole is changed forever.

It is not death. Not really. It's far, far worse than death. This is not death. It is not life, not as we understand it. It is worse than life. It is worse than dying. I have forgotten my crime, but I remember the fall. The Universe's destiny. Stars dying. Darkness. So much darkness.

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When good Science Fiction contains Bad Science

I can’t be the only person annoyed by this. Science fiction is supposed to contain science. Especially the kind of science even a layperson can recognize.

If a layperson can correct your mishandled physics, bad math, chemistry failures and so on… it irritates me no end.

Especially when writers use said bad science as a major plot point.

It’s like hanging a chandelier with chewing gum. The foundation is flawed and the whole thing collapses.

And some

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