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Fan Fiction Research and Survey


Students at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras (UPRRP) are currently conducting a research project called “Narratives of Participatory Culture: Reading fan written fiction as Literature”. 

The goal is to write a research paper to evaluate whether or not fanfiction can be studied as literature and if so, how. 

They also asked if we wouldn’t mind posting a link to their tumblr as well as to the survey.  More than happy to help out, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedres!

If you’re age 13+, you can lend them a hand with their research by following the links and completing the survey.

Go forth and spruik my stuff inform the nice people.

RTFM (Story!)

At the risk of borking my browser again (I don’t exactly have the best of computers) I am going to publish a novella here.

Cross your fingers.

Oyeah. RTFM stands for the techie-favourite acronym: Read The F[laming/expletive deleted] Manual. Also the most common advice to noobs encountering new technology.


C M Weller

Dave groaned. On the upside, the painful part was over. On the downside, both his arms were now in permanent casts. More permanent than the

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Good Boy (Story!)

This is one of the weird ones. And by “weird”, I mean one of the ones that dropped on me from the sky like a ton of bricks and threatened to burn a hole in my head until I wrote it down.

It ends in a weird place, but if I re-wrote it, it would inevitably turn into a novella and I would loose the short-story twist and fridge horror of it all.

Have at me… but gently. Tell

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