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Challenge #00262: One Fine Afternoon at the Student Labs of Transylvania Polygnostic University

“Pull the lever, ____!”

“Wrong Lever!”

“Reanimation, of course, is a touchy subject. Unauthorised, unwanted reanimation has been the source of many problems. Of course, it’s easier with a construct, which is why we have our projects on the electrified slabs, today.”

Professor Kransky stoked the Lightning Engine and started the turbines. “NOW!” She shouted over the noise. “PULL THE LEVER!”

Oklitov, of course, reached for the wrong one and incinerated his construct.


The rest of the class was right to laugh at him.

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Good Boy (Story!)

This is one of the weird ones. And by “weird”, I mean one of the ones that dropped on me from the sky like a ton of bricks and threatened to burn a hole in my head until I wrote it down.

It ends in a weird place, but if I re-wrote it, it would inevitably turn into a novella and I would loose the short-story twist and fridge horror of it all.

Have at me… but gently. Tell

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