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Challenge #01344-C249: Blindly Winning

Lion and Connie - without Steven -- Gallifreya

Steven? Connie opened her eyes. Pink fur. Cotton-candy mane. Steven's lion. She was in the middle of a small circle of clear air, or what seemed to be clear air. The meadow and the flowers under her feet soon vanished under the eldritch shapes of the obscuring fog.

"Where's Steven?" said Connie. "Do you know?"

Lion just licked her face.

There was... a Homeworld Gem called Moonstone. She had the power to summon obscuring mists. Her weapon was a short flail with many spikes, and she used it like a pro. Stevonnie hadn't been able to land a blow. Nor shield themself against its wrath.

Which was how they became unfused in the first place.

Connie took a deep breath in. "STE--MMMF!"

Lion had put his paw over her mouth. He looked... worried. His ears were twitching.


Connie closed her eyes. There was no wind. So any sound of rustling meadow-grass had to be someone moving through it. One big someone. One little someone on all fours. She took a step, and realised that she, too, made noise as she walked.

But Lion didn't.

"I can ride you," she whispered. "I can guide you. You take me to him. Okay?"

Lion bowed his head and lay down so she could climb up.

Eyes closed. Handfuls of mane in lieu of reins. Stalk silently around the threat. Head for the ally.


"Sshh..." she stepped down and fused with him, and let mutual understanding do the rest.

Oh, 'said' Steven.

Yes, answered Connie.

Now they knew how to win. And, just like Garnet said, Stevonnie did beat Moonstone with their eyes shut.

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