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"Dude I'm gonna need you to calm down,"

"I just got into an argument with my own reflection I won't be calm for hours!" -- OohLookShiny

Calaer rolled her eyes and thought Mages... to the universe at large. "Okay. Fine. Who won?"

"It was a nil-all loss," grumped Veloris. She fell into the couch and dug her fists into her hair. "How the flying FUCK did Umbridge even get into the race for Minister of Magic in the first place?"

"The same levels of corruption that she's allegedly vowing to eliminate now, I guess. Her family has deep pockets and owns most of the Ministry of Magic."

"And now her classist arse is looking at muggleborns and mudbloods with a microscope and making them jump through hoops just to get a freaking education."

"Blame the Brexit if you like. She's also against mages of colour."

"You know what? Fuck this noise. I'm going to found a hidden school of magic for anyone who can't pass her stupid goddamn rules. You and I know enough to confound anyone who wants to stuff that up."

"We'll use magic and muggle security. I know more than a few locks that you Mages can't alohomora your way through."

"No racism allowed. We'll learn about magical species by opening a dialogue with them. Let them teach, if they want to."

"Pay the house elves."

"Hell yes."

They began with an old fox burrow, and named it the Foxborough Academy of Magic. And little by little, they took in all the students that the Ministry of Magic rejected. As Hogwarts' student numbers shrank, Foxborough's grew. And the Ministry of Magic could not find them to shut them down.

And as Umbridge continued to vow to close it, less and less of her initial supporters continued to do so. She ultimately served half of one term before being fired in disgrace.

Foxborough produced the smartest Mages, because they welcomed Muggle, as well as magical solutions to all sorts of problems.

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These apparated into our home. I have no recollection of buying them, or otherwise obtaining this (roughly) inch and a half thick stack of...

These apparated into our home.

I have no recollection of buying them, or otherwise obtaining this (roughly) inch and a half thick stack of Harry Potter Cards. No idea who owns them or why they turned up on our overcrowded bookshelf.

They are, however, taking up valuable book space and need a loving home.

  • You must be willing to pay postage

  • First responder gets them

  • Local to Caboolture(Australia) preferred but not necessary

  • Must love Hogwarts ;)

All cards are in good condition,

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