Had To Post While This Still Seemed Like A Good Idea

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I am tired.

I am tired because my best beloved decided that the best of all possible times to play Halo with a younger sibling was 3A-fucking-M whilst I was in the next room trying to simultaneously recover from a throat-scarring lurgi and y'know - SLEEP.

But that’s not the important bit.

The important bit is that, in the throes of insomnia, I have come up with possibly the most offensive two-line joke in the history of two-line jokes.

And it’s under the cut.

Warning: this joke could possibly trigger/offend EVERYONE. Living or dead. Real or fictional. Saint or sinner.

Here there be dragons:

Okay. You obviously want to see what this joke is, so here goes.

Q: How do you stop Republicans protesting at abortion clinics?
A: Tell them you only abort LGBTQ and Democrat babies. 

This is why I can’t have nice things. Please refrain from hate-bombing my inbox. I will recover and become a normal human being when I (a) get enough sleep and (b) get over this blip-bloppin’ lurgi.

I apologise to everyone who was offended.