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An App We All Need

I honestly don’t know how feasible this is, but it’s an app I know I need. And all the folks who quietly support the Occupy movement need.

I’m tentatively calling it “How Evil Is That?”.

It’s a smart app, able to recognise products and logos from a photograph or an image it takes, much like a code-square scanner. Once it recognises the product [or logo] it searches a database or databases of crowd-sourced information on the following: What company actually owns the company that made it, How much evil has it done in the last 6 months(carbon footprint, acres polluted, thousands laid off, sweatshops built, senators paid off, etc.), Has it done anything to ameliorate that in the same time, How much % pay raise did the corporate execs get in the same time, and How much actual tax have they paid ($taxed minus $refunds).

The resultant figures come back in an easy-to-read graphic so the consumer can choose how much corporate evil they’re willing to pay for.

Would be interesting to make it, if only to see how fast that sucker gets banned :)