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Challenge #02360-F170: The Chances... Are a Million to One

Trip of a Lifetime, all the places they wanted to see, Jahn Average (choose sex) finds themselves the only "non-fan" in a Sci fi Fantasy group. They don't know the jokes, they wear the wrong clothes and why is everyone going to Grover's Mill. -- Anon Guest

There comes a moment when one realises that, at least metaphorically speaking, one has entered the wrong bus. "...and now we're - BANNED FROM ARGO, EV'RY OOOONNNNEEE..."

Pen had passed that point, but the sing-along was the final straw. Pen had wanted to independently tour some historical American Revolution sites, and this was actually the bus that claimed to take her there. She'd checked five times already. Yes, this was the historic sites tour bus. There just also happened to be a convention happening nearby that brought all the weirdoes out from the wainscotting.

"Our proper, cool first officer was drugged with something green/ and hauled into an alley where he suffered things obscene..." Well, one thing was for sure. They sure as sugar weren't shriners. Shriners did not have weird, semi-uniforms in three prime colours. There were a few in there who wore a fez, but the rest of the outfit did not match the general shriner aesthetic. There were people with... Pen hesitated to call it 'makeup' when it both covered their entire face and necks, and was decidedly more involved than blush and eyeshadow. There were people in armour. There were people in historical dress. There were people in... sort of... harness things.

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