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Challenge #00250: Birds of a Feather


“I’m here!” Kitty announced. This was supposed to be a place full of people like her. Like, where was the welcome committee?

BAMF! “Ah, hubches madchen,” A blue demon in a black and red outfit appeared in an almost stereotypical puff of sulphurous smoke. “Pleased to make your acquaintance,” it reached for her with a freakish, three-fingered hand.

Kitty screamed.

A giant, metal hand held off the demon by encapsulating its face. “Ignore Kurt, Tovarich,” said a mountain of a woman, all metal. Her costume was red and gold, showing off her metal muscles… and other assets. “Most of us ladies do.”

Kitty backpedalled from the metal woman, too. These people weren’t at all like her!


Colossus was, in ordinary light, known as Petya Rasputin. Yes, distantly related to that Rasputin. he had a younger brother Ivan, still living on their farm in Russia. She could almost make four of Kitty and actually had quite the shy nature when she wasn’t showing off in the danger room.

Or saving random females from the demon Kurt’s charm.

“Why do you keep your hair so short?” Kitty asked. “Aren’t you afraid of being mistaken for a guy?”

“Da, I get a lot of ‘sir’s,” Petya admitted. “But long hair gets in the way too much. I need to see. I need to fight. And the last thing I need, Katya, is to give an enemy a handle.” She playfully tugged on Kitty’s own ponytail.

Across from her, an angel was sitting companionably next to the demon, and a giant blue ogre with pince-nez spectacles known as Hank. Those who looked ordinary had weirder powers. Like Jean, who casually lifted things with her mind. Or Ororo, who could make the very weather do her bidding. Or Rogue, who could absorb someone’s memories, mind, and powers with a single touch.

Or Logan. Who was a force of nature on his own.

Yet the one she kept staring at was Kurt.

He’d been born that way. Blue, fuzzy and with a tail. Not enough fingers or toes.

Hank was the one who had started normal… and changed.

What if–?

“You won’t be a monster,” soothed Petya, as if reading her mind. “Not even Kurt is a monster.”

“Only to pretty girls on the second date,” added Kurt jovially. “And if so requested.”


Her first kiss had been a surprise. Especially since it came from Petya. The second and third had, too. Only much later and after a lot of deep thought.

Mom could never know.

Kurt, though, had been shockingly amenable when he found out. A wistful smile and a, “Good luck to you both,” had been all he ever said about it.

No teasing. No taunting. No slurs.

Well. He’d had an entire life full of such things. He didn’t need to pass them on, no matter what his beliefs.

Which was why she was planning to make him her best man. When and if she and Petya could ever marry.

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