Closure Fail

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Attempt at closure. Result - huge fail :( T_TPlease don't start drama with this. My sole goal was smiles. That kinda failed, too. I don't...

Attempt at closure. Result - huge fail :(  T_T

Please don’t start drama with this. My sole goal was smiles. That kinda failed, too. I don’t want it to fail harder.

Story time for anyone who cares:

Once upon a time, I had the vague idea of sending bunnybennett some SPG-themed ear bling in black and red. I didn’t want there to be any mistakes so I sent her an ask about whether she was going to pierce her ears.

And the way she said ‘no‘… transformed me into this unholy fusion of mama hen, mama bear, and fairy godmother. The words she said are still etched into my heart. “I want to wear the earrings and be pretty… but I can’t.”

So I said, “Not on my watch!” and proceeded to spend all my spare cash on churning out every last style I could manage with my limited skills. For clip-ons. Some were simple transfers from hook to clip. Some were attempted works of art. [Some were probably ludicrous failures and I was prepared for that]

And then I sent them off by mail. In a tube that looked hella suspicious, possibly dangerous, and definitely suspect. Because of the weight of the contents, I had to bolt the supporting chain to one of the plastic caps.

Anything could have happened between Brisbane and SanDiego. Anything.

  • The tube could have been blown up by the TSA
  • The customs label could have come off and arrived without the tube
  • The entire set-up I made could have fallen apart and the tube arrived sans contents
  • Some postal worker could have just chucked it and marked it as delivered
  • I could have got the address wrong and now it’s on a slow boat back, marked “Return to Sender”
  • Someone else could have picked it up for Izzy and just… forgotten to pass it on
  • And, if it beat all the odds and actually got there… the contents could have been deemed too extravagant and put carefully aside
  • OR: What she actually meant was that all earrings hurt her and my honest gesture has been ultimately futile

I tried to ask. Email, PM on the engineer-ateer forum, and an ask by Tumblr. No reply.

I tried to ease my anxiety by ‘shopping one of my works onto a screencap from her vlog… but I only made myself cry.

All that’s left is this vent. And even that’s not helping. Sigh.

Some variety of “the end” would be nice. Can’t always get what we want.