Success! Sort of

Crack Slaw is delicious. It's even okay when you leave out the coconut amino by accident. It's better when Beloved adds eggs, coconut oil, coconut cream, and a whole bunch of other yummies.

There's not quite enough for tonight, so I'll be making more Crack Slaw tonight and endeavouring to remember the soy sauce substitute.

On the downside, I gained half a kilo. Boo. Might be the turnips I put in.

Future versions will not have turnip to see if that makes a difference.

And I've learned that I don't need nearly as many veggies as I thought I did. Last night, I sliced up an entire red cabbage, a sugarloaf cabbage, and half a wombok cabbage before I shredded five carrots and two turnips. And I added an entire bunch of Kale as well.

Way. Too much. I had to use a rough half of it all for the Crack Slaw, last night. I plan on using the other half for the Crack Slaw tonight.

Which means I have to empty out the leftovers and give the pan a quick clean. And thaw some more mince.

Better get going.