Still poor

The scratchie didn't win us anything. Boo. I had such plans for that $1K a week, too. It's not fair.

Ah, the wuzgunnas.

I was gonna buy air conditioning for the office. Save up and purchase my cosplay. Hire people to make sure the house is spic and span because I'm absolute pants at it. I was going to have money to spare for wardrobe emergencies, like the kids simultaneously growing out of their shoes. And clothes. I was gonna get a chest freezer and keep it in the garage so I could store bulk food for up to a year.


In another dimension, in another reality, that could have been me.

So I still sit and swelter as I bring you more stories and work on my novels. When I eventually sell a novel to the dead tree press, that is when I shall lash out and help myself to the comfort to which I would love to become accustomed.

And, of course, I will still labour on further work on that Peter/Iris WIP. I'm up to chapter thirty-seven and I'm nearing to the happy ending. It would be completely unfair to publish this lot on a weekly basis [especially considering how short some chapters are] so once I'm done, daily basis it should be.

Big thanks to all the lovely peeps helping me out with the spelling, punctuation and grammar. I do miss the little things, sometimes. I'm in such a dang hurry to write the story, you know.

Ah well. Onwards, ever onwards.