So much for that

We didn't get to exercise, yesterday. I'm going to have to badger Beloved to go for a walk come Monday. No excuses, no BS. We both have to get back on track.

The good news is that I'm still losing weight. Just... a lot slower and a lot more randomly.

The bad news is that I am still asthmatic. I needed to use Max, this morning, for a saline dose. My lungs were a little clogged, and it hurt to breathe in. That's never good, so... saline dose.

I might even take a puff of atrovent for the first time in literal months.

This is a huge difference from my previous life, where I was going through Seretide shells as if they were Guilliams', and needing the nebuliser at least once a day. I can deal with needing my meds once in a while and otherwise being fine with life.

I could probably deal better if I learned to put my shit away. No dust = no dust mites = less trouble for allergic li'l ole me.

Problem is that doing that kicks up dust and knocks me down for the better part of a week or more.

Good thing I've hired some nice people to help me clean up the dang house and thereby reduce the likelihood of dust mites. That might be conquered very quickly. Maybe.

I might consider treatment to immunise myself to dust mites. I'm kind'a sick of sneezing in the bedroom.

I know for a fact that it isn't dairy. I haven't had dairy for weeks. It should be thoroughly out of my system and not causing any lingering trouble. We'll see what -if any- trouble that dairy causes when we finally begin re-introducing it to our diets.

I'm pretty sure I'm white enough to consume dairy without a single problem.