So hard to get moving

Warm bed. Huggable beloved. Long weekend syndrome hit us all. Mayhem, of course, gets to stay home because Lurgi. He's back at school on Thursday.

Chaos, meanwhile, had a bad episode of Wanna-stay-home-itus. The cure for which is, "Suck it up, buttercup," and being sent to school anyway.

I have a chronic case of Wanna-stay-in-bed-itus. And it ain't getting better. I have an appointment this afternoon and I dearly want to be able to say I've done all my work.


What I really want to do is space out and slug off.

Not gonna happen, alas.

I've yet to see hide nor hair of a response from the postal potential-agents. Either their reply is lost in the mail or they're seriously considering the sample pages I sent in. I really hope it's the latter. It's been ages already.

I'm almost giving up hope.

Just gotta keep on trying. If I never try, I can't succeed.