::Sits back with popcorn::

People have stopped investing in coal! This is awesome news for the environment, but terrible news for the Australian economy because we as a nation have been riding on the coal nugget's back for quite some significant time.

Of course, ScoMo and pals could have seen this coming when China, our biggest buyer of Aussie coal, started making moves to clean up their air quality. I'd have bailed the fuck out of coal back then.

...the second-best time to do that is now.

Now we sit and wait to see which option our allegedly glorious leader chooses for his cowardice:

  1. Keep giving government money to his coal buddies so they can give it back for his campaigns [aka: doubling down on stupid]
  2. Suddenly and abruptly change his tune towards eco energy, dropping his coal mates like a hot potato [aka: following the money]
  3. BAIL! BAIL! BAIL! Or taking early retirement with a golden parachute to spare [aka: abject cowardice]
  4. Continuing to pay lip service to taking action whilst not actually doing anything [aka: pretending to care about the jobs]

I have to admit, the schadenfreude is strong in my heart.

I have no money down on ScoMo facing the music, admitting he made a mistake, and attacking the actual problems head on. That goes against the pattern.

Our politicians have been base cowards with their eyes on the bribe money contributions they get from the rich. It's been that way for decades.

Just once, I'd love to see an actual public servant in charge.