Home again, home again, and boy, are we grateful. It takes a time to get away from it all to appreciate what you have.

But of course, it wouldn't be a family holiday without a family disaster. Chaos got the run-abouts while waiting in the Adelaide airport, tripped over Mayhem, and bumped a front tooth. Grandma insists that Chaos has broken her tooth and it's going to end in disaster. And won't shut up about the dental disaster that she calls key to her losing all her upper teeth.

Nevermind that half of that was electing to use cheaper, student dentists...

But timely intervention is probably key, so I'm basically waiting until the nearest emergency dentist is open so I can call and attempt to finagle an emergency appointment for my poor little girl.

Plus, let's face it, dentistry has changed in the forty-some years since her disasters began. I'm almost certain that something can be done now, that couldn't be done in the days of yore.

Fingers crossed.

Everything's up in the air pending a diagnosis from a professional, as opposed to someone who had something similar happen to them that one time, and me, who's heavily in denial about disaster actually striking.

We shall have to see.

For now,it's time for me to make a phone call. And start praying that all will be well in the long term.

Chaos, for the record, is not suffering as we speak. The tooth looks okay and healthy, but this is to satisfy my paranoia on the matter.

Wish us all luck.


The tooth is intact, and we have a time window and symptoms to be on the look-out for nerve damage. IF there is any. And a PLN for timely intervention. Hooray.

In the meantime, Miss Chaos is on a soft-foods diet for the next two weeks, minimum. And I am keeping an eagle eye on her and her injured mouth for the same window.

Come Monday, I'll call my preferred dentist about the entire debacle and make an appointment two weeks hence to get her checked up on the recovery angle. With a side order of "rush her in if it looks like its going pants" please.