Screw That for a Gag

I have had duck tape on my feet for two frelling weeks because warts, and I just took it off to discover that it's either:

a) Pure Hokum
b) Only for warts on other areas

I looked up guaranteed wart cures and the duck tape was the only one to turn up in multiple areas. And the science seemed sound. Suffocate the skin in a specific area like -say- a bandaid left on too long, and the skin blisters and sloughs off in one ugly lump. Presumably, the warts would do the same.

Not this time, dear readers.

All I got out of this was a stinky foot and a miasma of self-loathing because I couldn't take a shower because the tape on my feet would have come instantly loose.

And let me tell you for free that a combo of duck tape over warts plus awkward wart placement plus sweaty feet equals a LOT of slipping tape and a great deal of discomfort when moving around. For two firkin weeks.

Yeah, my foot was wrapped like a mummy with duck tape for two weeks and it didn't even work. My options now include: finding a wart cure in the local pharmacy and using that, or just saying "fuck it" and leaving them go.

They don't hurt, per se. They're just... annoying.

I'll see if there's anything for cheap at the nearest pharmacy sometime real soon now. But screw duck tape for a joke.