Saggy, floppy progress

It is week three on Ketogenics and the fat is melting off of me. And, like all weight loss, it's happening head-downwards.

I have skin hanging off me in deceptive lumps - translated, that means my spare tyres are only visible when I'm upright.

And the really good news is that the melting has gone down to butt level. Once that's finished draining, maybe my thighs will shrink down to a more acceptable minimum.

Both Beloved and I are having real trouble converting the people we love the most to Keto. And I can understand a goodly portion of it. We're their children. At one point that they can still remember, we were tiny, helpless beings who needed them to do everything. Heck, they still remember the last time we wet the bed or claimed that some monster must have eaten our jumpers.

Part of it is not wanting to listen to the kids. Part of it is also that Keto is new and scary and turns all former wisdom completely upside-down. It flies in the face of common knowledge, which says you eat fat and get fat.

Keto, on the other hand, is eating fat to get thin. It's totally counter-intuitive. And yet, it is still working for literally millions of people all over the world.

There is a very long list of things that it can reverse, even if it can't cure. Diabetes is just one thing on there. Beloved will always have a diabetic reaction whenever they have carbohydrates, but keeping them to a minimum of 20g a day will help them never have a diabetic reaction again.

My own asthma is dwindling to the point where I don't need my meds. Tomorrow is the day when I do not take my seretide at all. I will keep carrying my atrovent puffer, because I'm paranoid, but I doubt I will ever need it.

The arthritic build-up I have had in my knees since I was sixteen is also slowly dwindling away. Yes, my knees are still stiff, but they aren't painful. They've stopped crackling.

I'm starting to think this diet will cure everything but pregnancy.

And to help with the no-body-fat-anymore sags, Beloved has started some massages with coconut oil body cream. It's a delightful start to the day that might lead us to lying in bed a bit longer.

I might employ them as a sleep aid.

Beloved didn't want a body rub, this morning. Time was of an essence. But we were all satisfied with a return hand-rub as a minimum of thank-you.

I'm still knocked sideways from two long days in a row, but I'm still better than I ever was before I got going on Keto.