I've got to finish stressing the "photo" today. It's the last day that I have another adult around.

I've already written down some thoughts in case one of the many planes I'm catching ends up on TV for all the wrong reasons. And I made myself cry. Yay.

I have all most of the stuff I need for the con in one place. I will start packing my backpack and organising my suitcase today.

The Dress of my Dreams is still in Brisbane, but it's been forwarded for delivery. Which means it's in a loading bay or sleeping delivery truck, just waiting for people to come to work and start shifting things around.

Still no hint of anyone in the SPG fanmily willing to carpool with a nutty Australian. I'm thinking about preparing a cardboard standee with some leftover stuff from the "photo" making. "Lone Aussie seeks Careful Driver (seatbelts a bonus)"

I can economise by hoofing it from the airport to the hotel (and vice versa) in my clown pants and crocs, towing my suitcase behind me. If I'm just wearing my backpack, then some incompetent specimen has lost my luggage and I am understandably pissed off(and in a minor pickle). I can economise further by breakfasting on Vegemite Soup in my hotel room and seeing if I can make one meal at the park last all day (US believes in large serving sizes, right?) if it comes to that.

I have plans and backup plans. I shouldn't need half of them.

And if I wait until Tuesday, then I can plausibly buy the Minties, Jaffas, and perhaps Polly Waffles I'm planning to use as bribes for rides. As long as they're packaged, customs is fine with that.

I still have to pack up a day's worth of my supplements for my carry-on. If I declare them, I should be fine. I'm going to have "fun" this trip, as my daily amount of supplements is an impressive count of pills. One day's dose looks like Intent to Distribute.

All I have to do is remember to not be sarcastic with the TSA and I'll be fine.

It's the getting a lift part that has me fretting. Considering how I am on long trips, or long trips while tired, I'm really better off not behind the wheel in the States. So far, all my pleas have been answered by silence. Not very encouraging. At all.