Plus la Change, Plus la Meme Chose

Another book, another routine. Another chain of illogic to boggle your average nypical. It goes a little something like this:

  1. Hand-writing things may be permanently portable, but transcribing it to legible text just slows me down because (a) I'm the only person who can read my handwriting (b) I can't afford to hire someone who can read my handwriting and (c) I end up reading what I've written more than typing in the thing.
  2. It really is quicker and easier for me to type directly into some editor. I have used several, but lots of people prefer documents in MSWord97 for some reason 9_9
  3. I perform all my work on a Mac. In order for my good self to translate something into MSWord97, I have to have a Windoze98 emulator, upload my book to it, make sure it's all working properly, and tweak that which needs to be tweaked.
  4. Beloved can do this way easier, they claim, but only if the document is in Markup. Or Markdown. I forget which, and it seems to be interchangeable.
  5. This has now lead to me writing everything new in something approaching Markdown, as I'm an old hat at ASCII coding and it seems the easiest possible thing I can do.
  6. I need to have some files as mobile documents, since I plan to travel and write a novel at the same time, I need a mobile Markdown editor.
  7. I had two good ones to pick from, on Beloved's recommendation: Minimalist Markdown Editor and Stackedit which uses the cloud in 0 easy steps.
  8. Since it was a massive pain in the arse to even try to install the MME, and another massive pain in the arse to transfer stuff to and from the cloud with any reliability, I am now writing my latest novel in Stackedit with the help of Google Docs.
  9. So now I'm back to writing things in ASCII code with only a very few modifiers. Amazing.

I consider myself somewhat experienced with cloud editing. I wrote KFZ on Novl'r, which was convenient at the time. Now something else is convenient... and I retain knowledge on how to use all of these. So that's something I guess.

Plus working with a Chromebook means I can fart around with my free-range fanfics if I so choose. Just a few of them, though. I know damn well that having twenty stories at once is a recipe for nothing going nowhere. Two or three is the ticket. Novel included.