Not a good day so far

Good news: Beloved managed to fit that rusty old BBQ into the skip. They requested that we pick up the scrattle from a nasty patch in the yard in return.

Bad news:

  • I cut my thumb on the first piece of metal I tried to pick up
  • There were so many road works on the way to Mayhem's school that we were nearly late despite taking off early
  • I almost accidentally shoplifted a chocolate bar during my mission to pick up brown vinegar and peppercorns
  • And I kept fucking up the change for that exchange as well.
  • Also discovered that there are seemingly infinite layers of corflute underneath our grass that may just outlast the things that came in it.
  • My scanner doesn't
  • And it looks like my main compy is going to die

I have back-ups of everything, which is cool for my anxiety. The thorn in my side this time is that this compy is the very first computer that I purchased for myself out of money I'd earned.

This compy was an accomplishment. See this? It's all mine. I'm not beholden to anyone because it exists in my space.

It's going to cost around Aus$4K to get a halfway decent replacement1, and I've only just got Aus$5 from my first and only patron on Patreon.

I'd really like to earn the money to buy the next one, but it doesn't look like that could happen in the rest of my lifetime, right now.

I has the sad.

  1. I checked the Apple store online and prices are "from" $1.2K, but I've never seen any for less than $4K at the nearest Apple store.