New Toys, Teething Trouble, etc

Game night kind'a knocks me around a bit. Not that I'd swap it for anything, though. It's the staying up past midnight combined with irrevocably waking after four hours' or less sleep.

I need a nippynap. Or twelve.

BUT... I did get to see the new toy in action - the new system for viewing our chosen entertainments, a combo of new drives and clever internet that should give us access to the things we love to see.

Which means I was basically bingeing Season Two of The Dragon Prince pretty much all morning.

The downside of this is having shows we have NO interest in that keep popping up despite our best efforts. We're still working on those.

And before I collapse into my planned afternoon coma, I have to write y'all some stories. Yay. Because:

  • Otherwise I won't be able to sleep
  • If I don't, there might not be a story
  • I don't want to break my six-year record
  • I'm fairly certain my daily output is the only thing that matters to some of y'all
  • I don't want to let you down despite tired, saggy self wanting to curl up for 24 hours and do diddly squat.

There may not be a flash fanfiction today because my saggy, tired arse needs a breather. It may be so late it's early. We shall see.

All in all, it's a good thing the weekends exist to absorb this damage.