New regime

Beloved's been undergoing a run of tests, lately, to discover the root behind an accelerated heart rate. And the answer, dear readers, is diabetes plus cholesterol.

Since I'm still undergoing my own battery of tests, in regards to that same vital muscle, we both figured it'd be great if we got into some healthier habits. Which means breakfast for both of us, morning walks together, and mutual self-maintenance schedules.

The tricky things to do are way less tricky when there's company. It's a simple fact. So the next time you advise your friends about yoga or exercise, offer to do it with them. And start slow and easy because they're bound to be a noob at this.

Company helps. It really helps. Someone to talk with about any old nonse is a great way to almost ignore the trials of doing something you just didn't wanna do. And you don't have to talk about troubles. You can blither on about any old thing that pops into your mutual heads.

Beloved did have a point when we got back home. I did feel better for some exercise. And the hot shower together before we started. And the good ol' gasbag along the way.

And yes, I did whip out the Pokemon game because that always helps me when I'm out walking. That's how I found out about the Bluetooth Pokemon bracelet thing that's coming out RSN. Huzzah.

Highlight of the trip? I caught an Eevee and a Jigglypuff.

There's going to be a care plan for Beloved, and I'm certain there's going to be a care plan for me. And it's going to involve boring foods that taste like cardboard, I know it. Or things that cost a freakin' fortune. It's the way that the world works.

And the Medicare board has decided to cut the kinds of tests that doctors can use on their bulk-billing plan. Co-incidentally, these are the exact kinds of tests that would be mighty useful in early detection of really common problems. And the exact tests that aging baby boomers need to stay healthy. Wow. It's almost miraculous the way that happens 9_9

This is why I want messing-with-the-government money. Because I would shitstir those arseholes like a firkin PRO. But it's probably a good thing that I'm nowhere near that rich. Probably.

Ah, but I can still dream.