I messed up my sleep cycle again, which means I can't really tell if I'm still sick or not. One of my wake-up routines is a whole bunch of sneezing.

I made the mistake of trying to sleep at 3AM, so I'm tired as hell. With all good luck, I shouldn't need a coffee, but if I do, we now have xylitol. An all-natural sweetener that tastes like sugar but doesn't set off the insulin responses. And I managed to grab the measure-for-measure stuff. Hooray.

Beloved is on the mend. They were able to put up some curtains, yesterday. And sup down some slow-cooker stew I had going. Sadly, it was left on overnight without a refresher of water, and now it's all charcoal. Sigh.

Still, it did us good, so it's going in my foodie journal. When I can scrape up enough internal wherewithal to actually write down my cooking adventures.

Not today. Today, I am taking things easy, staying hydrated, and otherwise loafing about whilst trying to reset my sleep cycle.

Not. Fun.