Maintaining progress

I have my little darlings coming back today. We've successfully minimised all the kitchen drawers, as well as the crockery and glass cupboards. We still have to move all the spare glasses to an OOSOOM1 location.

In my list: minimising the gadgets cupboard, minimising the plastics cupboard, and minimising the pots cupboard. All whilst keeping the floors swept, the remaining dishes clean, and general debris from returning to the household.

NOT helped by the fact that we keep getting Lootcrates, and the boxes for same are also playable objects.

Therefore, I am introducing my little darlings to my new cleaning policy: If it's on the floor, it ain't yours no more.

I suspect that they're going to wind up wearing only towels before long.

But they are going to learn how to pick up after themselves if it firkin kills me.

Meanwhile, I'm using housework to procrastinate my way out of getting mental help because inertia is comfy. Even when it's inertia with cleaning up the debris in my home. Hey, at least something gets accomplished.

My cat is not a well creature. Applications of eye drops into her eye have made the damage look even worse. She's taken to soiling any soft surface she sleeps on, and my efforts to re-introduce her to the litter tray have resulted in her napping there. Whatever. My washing machine is playing up at the mome and needs a kicking.


I have written a new short story for All Hallows' Read, but I've yet to sit down and try to make a cover for it. Or proofread it. What I'm also going to do is bundle all of those free shorts into one series so that folks have one place to get to them. They are the stories that have the most downloads, after all.

I have a long time between now and the time when the agent I've offered KFZ to will get back to me. The more days that pass between now and early November? The better I feel about any email that gets back to me from that agent.

I have thirty on my list. It's going to take a LONG time to reach the bottom. I think when I get there, I'll quit and just publish the bloody thing on Amazon. With print-on-demand. Why not. Be warned - it is going to take quite a while before this book sees the light of day.

But for now, I keep going, and writing the things I really want to write. And hoping that it's going to get some returns, one day.

  1. OOSOOM: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind. If they can't see it, they can't nick it and leave it all over the scenery.