Lazy Sunday With Complications

I upgraded my Mac, which meant way more hassle than it should have been. Absolute HOURS getting shit together, swearing at the thing, and finally getting Beloved to unfuck that which I could not.

Needless to say, I am behind in my work.

Not helped by the love of my life insisting that I learn how to play Eve Online, their current favourite game.

My dear, my darling, I love you to bits, but PUH-LEEZ let me do my work before I go play. Kthx.

They're also the reason why all my stories came in a bunch, late in my yesterday. At least I got it all done, so yay.

Today, I have a lot of Nothing planned. Time to relax, revitalise, and fart around on temporal vampires like Eve Online.

At least I have the perfect opportunity to catch up on TAZ and CritRole while I'm there. Call it multitasking, call it ADD. I'm having fun here. That's what I call a bonus.