It's probably Japanese for "Let's make white people look like absolute lunatics" and I don't care. What they are is grown-up sized onesie pyjamas in a variety of "funny animal" styles and I want all of them.

Some folks have taken to wearing them out in public and I can kind of see why. They are so cool! And they promise to be lovely and toasty warm, which is a thing that everyone in winter needs.

I can see the appeal for women. They're comfy, they have pockets, and they're guaranteed to get people talking to them rather than their boobs. Admittedly, the topic changes from "why can't I fuck you" to "why are you wearing jimjams in public", but it's nearly impossible to be sexualised in these things.

They come in all sorts of creature. From woodland pals through jungle friends to mainstream animation to dinosaurs and dragons. If it's been thought of, there's probably a loose, polar fleece version of it for you to snuggle up in.

I don't plan on going out in mine [at least, not without some kind of street-wear underneath] but I want to have some fun times whilst slobbing about, this cold season.

But whilst I am active, I shall be manufacturing earring cards and -finally!- That pin-creating tool that I've been going on about since half-past forever ago. Beloved had nicked my files, and bought me a new set. And some shiny new earring tools, too <3

I'll be playing with those, later.

For now, I'm making up the rest of my earring cards, but not folding them until I need them. Just so I have enough cards for all the earrings I plan to make and ship. I finished making the gold-on-black cards, and now I'm moving on to the purple-on-white. I don't know about letting my customers choose the cards they get their earrings on. It may well be luck of the draw combined with whatever suits my artistic mood at the time.

But today - once I stop procrastinating - I am fabricating. Making the things I need in order to have products. And I still need to figure out how to not loose the pin tool I'm planning to make out of a needle. Might have to get Beloved to print me a handle and superglue that thing together.