I've learned some things

In my forays towards having my own business, I've learned a few things. And in my forays towards actually losing some weight again, I've learned a few other things.

First: The exercise part of the activity app on the Apple iWatch is a piece of ableist shit.

Why? Well because it only counts exercise as something above a brisk walk. This automatically excludes the elderly and the chronically ill. Thanks a bunch, guys. I'm now resigned to having that green circle in your friendly target diagram to be forever blank.

Second: I really need to do that water thing again.

I've been slacking and it shows. I've shot up to the 95kilo mark once more and I have to do something to get it back down. As soon as I shake this lingering lurgi, I will be virtuous in my water consumption once more.

Third: Magnifying lamps are actually firkin everywhere.

Here's a list of places near me that might have them besides Aldi's:

  • Light World
  • Bunnings
  • Masters
  • Officeworks
  • Jaycar
  • and possibly even Spotlight

I will be going to each of those places on a least-cost path and evaluating all of them for availability, price, and usefulness.

About the only thing going for the Aldi's one is that it looks like it's got little plastic pockets for your tools. Very useful for what I'm considering.

Four: Those things they put earrings on are called "earring cards"

What I might need to consider is getting the right kind of hole punch and making my own. I have yet to talk to the local print shop about such a thing, and I think a run of 100 might be too small, just yet.

I'm pretty sure our prices can absorb the cost... but do I really need to get something that has a high chance of being thrown away? Just for presentation?

I have a month or so to think about it. I can't start making bling until all my findings get here, and the most important one has yet to be shipped.

Currently, making my own seems just as attractive as getting them printed up. It's something to discuss with Beloved. I'm thinking we might lean towards the printing option. It means less work on our part.