It's raining findings!

There's a definite difference between buying in person and buying online. And it could be solved with ONE solution.

An adult human hand.

Not everyone understands centimetres. Not everyone expects centimetres to pop up on a findings site where your average measurement is in millimetres.

So I've wound up with nonse like this:

[Shown here, a "feather" finding that overflows my palm]

[Shown here, a "leaf" finding as long as my pinkie finger]

The human hand is a universal indicator of scale. And if your thing is too small for a hand, a fingernail will do. Thumb, index, or pinkie are easily distinguishable. And if you're not sure, tell folks which finger they're looking at.

I'm willing to bet money that folks have figured out exactly what size cabochons I need to fill those blanks, just by looking at the pictures above.

I needn't worry about the "leaf" too hard. If someone wants a sparkly gemstone on it, I'll give them that option. The dollar shops are full of tiny shiny things if you know where to look.

But today, my focus is on cake!

Chaos' birthday party is tomorrow, and it's the best time to obtain something gloriously sinful from the Cheesecake Shop. We'll also be getting some party noms from assorted, cheaper party nom places.

Now I have to write a story for you all, do Chaos' hair, fetch a third parcel from the post office, and THEN get some cake.