::is frustrate::

There have been server issues centred around my email programs. Something I could have been told about on Friday evening, but I found out about it on Saturday morning, when I couldn't get the receipt email from Cinebuzz.

I can read emails on my phone only, at the moment. What I can't do is send any replies.

Hopefully this is a state of fuck-uppedness that will only last but a brief moment. I really don't want to deal with this long term.

In the meanwhile, there is tumblr messaging, because I check that regularly, and my skype name is "Inter Nutter". Please announce who you are, as I have had an enormous amount of skeevy people trying to either (a) get into my pants or (b) sell me porn.

As you might expect, I have become so paranoid that the standard "[RANDOM NAME] wants to be your friend" message sends me into panic mode and I block that fucker. PLEASE edit your message, unless you want drama about me blocking you.

Beloved can't possibly fix this for some time, so coping strategies and work-arounds are a must.

For the record, go see Kubo and the Two Strings as it is fucking amazeballs. It is worth the ticket price. It is worth seeing it multiple times. It is just a goddamn beautiful movie.

See it. Now. My story will be waiting for you by the time you get back.