Intense, repetative, and thankless

All efforts to translate Adapting into Markup by automated means have failed abominably. Which means that I am left with copy-pasting text and then editing in the italics.

And when I've had enough of doing that, I go to my unsorted beads and frelling sort some of those shits out.

The lovely spouted bowl MeMum found for me is not that great with small, faceted beads. Those little shits tend to clump, so pouring large volumes of them into wee baggies is an exercise in extreme caution. Yes, I have a funnel that could help. No, I can't be arsed finding it.

But light appeareth on the horizon. Beloved is taking me out to see X-Men: Apocalypse this morning. On the plus side - a movie with potentially more Nightcrawler content than the last one with the fuzzy blue cutie.

On the minus side - it's going to be even longer before I'm done with beads and book.

I've sorted out a quasi-solution with Chaos' hair. Her short lock gets a mini-braid. The only problem with that is finding something small enough to hold it and strong enough to firkin stay there.

The clips that came with the new hair beading set do not close over her tiny braid. The beads in said kit do not stay on. I have found some small elastics, but they are too big for this baby braid. I might need to talk to some hair stylists about this mess.

And all because she decided to cut her own hair some years ago.

There's a reason why I name my little darlings "Chaos" and "Mayhem" on the internet.