I'm Failing Fine

The good news is that I got 2018's Year of Instants out into the world. Advertising soon. I also made a start on futzing around with RPG Maker.

Not so much of a success. I can build maps just fine, it's just that nothing I've made so far works. I'm consulting with the nerd who put me onto it and I may have to do some immense jiggery-pokery to make it do what I want it to do.

I have a thirty-day free trial to make something that works and money enough in the bank to buy it after that. Even the idiot-proof stuff is not proof against this idiot.

I may have to run through the tutorials again to be certain that I haven't fucked anything up, but I'm pretty certain I've done all that I'm supposed to do.

I do have one more episode of Oh My Mods in the can, working on the next one as lickety darn split as I can.

Now the bad news: I forgot about Patreon Tuesday. So my goal this morning is to do that and then come up with something for Wordpress Wednesday before I forget that as well.

I have a mind like a steel sieve.

First two things on my HAM are the Patreon and Wordpress Wednesday stuff so that I can be all caught up.

Onward and onward.