I'm back to business

Christmas was a success. Capt S turned up with minimal warning, but all was well because I literally make enough food to feed an army.

My first attempt at cooking duck was a mixed success. The roast needed extra time and the stuffing was horrible, but the duck itself was rather excellent.

People - stick cloves into the skins of your roast bird or white meat. It makes a lovely difference to the flavours.

The orange sauce I made... worked.

Not doing duck immediately very soon.

And this may sound demented, but we got TOO MANY PRAWNS. And now there's like two or more kilos with the shells still on and no inclination to go shelling those shits.

I refuse to waste prawns, though, so I have to figure out something.

I lost a portion of my right thumb's knuckle to the orange sauce, and received multiple piercings from the prawns AND some random baby crabs that were in with the aforementioned shellfish.

Fun was had, and today, we pln to go see the Doctor at the cinemas. And then I shall spread my love for The Adventure Zone onto my Friendo.

But for now, I have a tale to tell.