If I don't do anything today...

I know the reason why. It's called Kingdom and it's a 2-D side-scroller RTS adventure game.

The graphics are heavily pixelated, but there is detail and wonder in that, all the same. The parallax happening when you go exploring is so beautiful, it's been the cause of my monarch's death many a time.

I've already learned not to upgrade stuff during a red moon. That's when all the nastards come out.

The three things you need to balance are archers, builders, and farmers. Having a healthy cadre of archers can help defend from the demon equivalent of a zerg rush, and builders can fix the walls while that's happening. But the real boon is farmers. Farmers are where the money is at. And you need money to do literally everything in this game.

Archers are the cheapest, and the easiest source of gold during early play. They're essential during a red moon demonfest. So recruiting every day is essential. Even if you have to save up to buy more bows.

I'm currently playing as a king to see if gender selection is an element in easy versus hard mode. I've had a tough time as the default queen [which might be why so many hardcore gamer guys hate it] and it took me a couple of goes to figure out how to change my monarch's appearance.

Oh, and it's a good idea to have a lot of coin before dark. If the walls break, the demons would rather take your gold than your crown. And once you lose the crown... you've lost everything.

And the subtitle of the game, "Nothing lasts" is super appropriate because I have yet to last 25 days.

Hints and tips are welcome, of course.