I love/hate my brain

For the first time in months, I woke up without the feeling of being ineffectually throttled by a golf ball. Turns out I was worried about the carb feast causing a ton of problems for me. It didn't.

And today, I'm finishing off said carb feast with a few things I missed, yesterday, and taking Mayhem to see Kingsmen: The Golden Circle and Chaos out to browse costume potential in the immediate area. Because Chaos is just too young to watch a Kingsmen movie.

I'm still worried about something, because the sensation of pressure has moved to the left side of my neck. But it sure as hell isn't indulging in a carb feast. Not any more.

And no, it isn't my heart, because that's going like a clock.

It's just stress. About something. I don't know what, but something. Kinda like this cartoon I drew a while back.

I should make more of those. Just sit and have something going in the background and firkin doodle whatever's in my head. Get some firkin art therapy done.

And speaking of art therapy, I'm probably a few colours away from finishing up the artwork for Beauties and the Beastly. I am not doing the back cover. Just. Nope. This front one was more than enough of a pain in the arse.

Tomorrow, I go back to Keto. And behaving myself. And exercising. Today, I break my diet. I'm'a try some bubble tea and finish off the chocolates and the cake and the soft drink and just enjoy myself.

I think I might have earned it.