I now have a legit copy of Adobe Animate CC. I'm using my Beloved's account, because why pay for things twice? Beloved has the thing, and has updated all the associated nonse. And I can animate with NO TIME LIMITS.

Which is just as well because it seems that I take about two weeks to draw a shot. Because OCD.

I just finished Shot #3, which was needlessly complicated for a very few seconds of time. But it is worth it. Beloved saw what I've done so far and asked me what I used to do the vectors.

Hint: There are no vectors. Just a fuck-off huge original art file.

This hand-made labor of love is going to be so 'wow' when it's done. In like, five years' time.

Today's pain-in-the-arse is going to be figuring out how to group layers and manipulate said group according to my whims. I already plan on offsetting the two-frame flappy bits so they're not obviously rotating. It's going to take folks a while to figure it out if I do it right.

I'm so proud of myself for the almost-minute of animation I've done so far.

Shot #4, still in the gas stages, is going to contain parallax and floaty things and a trick shot where Rabbit looks at two different reflections of herself.

Transparency and multiple layers and cheating my fat white arse off FTW!

And this will be the first shot that wasn't on my original storyboard. I just kinda figured out how I could do it and decided to go for it. And it's going to look epic and so cool ;)

But for now, I have to muddle on with all the other stuff.