My actual work compy is NOT dying! It doesn't even need repairs.

Nope, it was just my dumb arse keeping every tab in the world open that made it strain its poor little self. And since I've ceased being a dumbarse, I don't need a new compy.

A new lappy is now the goal, but we're sitting on our money until the latest lappy comes out.

Roughly halfway through this year.

Hope I can hang onto the money for that long. Temptation is wont to worm its way into my heart and mind. I'm going to stick to my budget and not touch anything else.

And cross my fingers and hope.

With careful management, I should be able to keep things going well.

A slight pickle in the situation is the fact that I shall be the pocket for another wodge of money that is slated to help pay for Beloved's newer car. A smarter, better, stronger vehicle that won't cost them a fuckbunch.

They, too, have a Steem account that has helped pay for a thing. It's taken me a year to gather my steem and it took Beloved the same time to do that much as well.

I'm dreading a time when we're relying on crowdfunding to pay the bills. Which almost seems inevitable the way Australia trails after America like its annoying baby brother. But that's a way down the line yet.

I still have a chance of being a funded author. Regular pay would help with loads of things. And if push comes to shove... I can rent myself out to a temp agency and be on call.

It doesn't matter when I write. Only that I do write.