My little darlings have two weeks off from school and I am already suffering from the effects. Not horrendously, just battling the inevitable tides of inconvenience like King Canute.

Did you know that malls don't unlock their doors at 6AM? Thus making certain that the convenience of ATM's is therefore inconvenient because you can't get in to get your money?

I didn't.

So instead of doing a money run when I get up and therefore can't forget it, I have to watch the time and go fetch cash at a more amenable hour.

Did you know that, even now we're on broadband, we still have shitty internet? Once Mayhem and Chaos are both streaming from YouTube, I have little chance of doing anything at all?

I. Have. Learned. That.

But get on with things, I must, so... I just sigh and move onwards.