Hello from Morgan!

And for everyone wondering where the heck that is, I can safely say that it is on the Murray River, and somewhere in South Australia. I think we drove for three hours to get out here, but I can't be certain because I fell asleep for patches of it.

There's a lot of one-street towns in Australia where the Town Hall is right next to the Pub, which is right next to the only shop for forty miles or so, and the rest of it is the people who eke out an existence there. Morgan is slightly larger than one of those towns, as far as I can gather.

Our current residence is one of those historical buildings that's been around 5ever. It still has some of the original bakelite fittings and, like all places in the southern realms of Australia, the bathroom light turns on the vent fan that immediately sucks any atom of heat straight out of the room. I do not know why the southern realms of Australia do this. Maybe they like their bums to freeze as they try to take a crap. I don't know.

As you may have guessed from my last blog entry, I had a rather full day. I count myself fortunate that I was able to cobble together a story for you all, yesterday. Making myself put together words after that seemed... a little too much effort.

I'm sorry.

On the plus side, I did get my 500 words in on the plane, and got quite a bit more added to Clockwork Souls. Which, according to the stats page, is nearing 40K words. Impressive, considering that I should be keeping it for next year.

What you call irresponsibility, I call getting a head start.

There is no wifi, so I have to use my phone to make sure anything is saved. Fun times for our data limit. Which is why I shall be making an effort to stay offline as much as I can.

Wish me luck, peeps.