Good News, Bad News, and Continuing Hassles

Good news: My favourite band in the entire world, Steam Powered Giraffe [Buy all their stuff, they're worth it] has announced an upcoming album called Quintessential. It promises to be the albumest album that ever albumed.

Bad News: it's dropping somewhere between September and December.

Good News: I know what I want for Yulemas :D

Bad News: Unless I get it for myself, I probably won't get it :P

Continuing hassles: I am The Right Honourable Broke Brokerson of Brokestoke.

Kind contributions to my continuing survival take a week or so to make it to any useable bank account. Two weeks, if I have to play Banking PingPong. Which is what happens when the bank account linked to my PayPal is not the account I use in my day-to-day life and the banks need an entire week to ferry cash from one account to another. Apparently by foot. And also apparently coin by coin.

That is not to say that any contributions are unwelcome. They are thoroughly and most entirely welcome. It's just that they can take up to a fortnight to be useful.

Another drop of good news: Sales have commenced for One Year of Instants(2015) in that a few lucky souls have elected to pay what they want for the luxury of easy access to my Instants. One is my also-broke Friendo, so I can sympathise with electing to pay $0.

Plus I encouraged them to. I need a judgemental eye to tell me if I'm justified in rating my book for adult content. Of course it helps my ego that they said some of my Instants were of Asimov quality :D I have screen shots to back that shit up :D

Now all I have to do is (a) get my last book edited finally, and (b) find an agent who agrees 100% with that sentiment and will move heaven and earth to see me on the bestseller list.

I have dreams of being in the bestsellers. Of being a Name in every book store. Of rocketting Science Fiction firmly into the front of the shop because people finally realise that there's some good shit in there that doesn't have to be the reams upon reams of fucking Star Wars Official Fanfiction.

[I might be bitter about the local book shop's alleged choice in the SciFi/Fantasy section. Which is 10% SciFi and most of it is either Star Wars or Asimov. When I ask about Bujold, they just look at me funny]

I have lots of dreams. Primary of which is to make enough money to not feel guilty about going back to see Steam Powered Giraffe again. Maybe with a friend or relative in tow.

But for now? I dream of the next payday. When we have a little bit of a chance to have something to spare.