This is a family recipe that can be traced back to MeMum [Hi!] who could not make tuna rissoles to save her life. After a very trying day, she just gave up and fried the entire mess and called it Tuna Glop.

I’ve changed things around a bit and created All Purpose Glop

You will need these tools:

1 mixing bowl
1 method of mixing
1 satisfyingly enormous frying pan
1 spatula or big spoon
1 handy heat source, like a cooktop

You will need these ingredients:

Any leftovers you happen to have hanging around that will go together
Some variety of carbohydrate [rice or mash is a favourite]
Some variety of binder [eggs are good, but if you know an egg replacement, let me know!]
Cooking oil
Vegetables, herbs, spices and/or sauces to taste


Break any proteins up into small pieces [same for larger veg]
Mix carbohydrates and binder in a bowl
Add proteins and vegetables
Mix in well
The goal consistency is thick cake batter, not bread dough. Add ingredients until you get there
Oil pan and heat it to medium heat
You have two options at this point - (1) Fry serving-sized patties/pancakes of the stuff or, (2) bung it all in and stir/flip bits until it’s all cooked

Whether you serve this as a side or on its own is entirely up to how long a day you’ve had.