Getting Organised

Organisation comes as naturally to me as dancing on the ceiling. But, little by little, some sense of order is emerging slowly from the chaos. We have a fortnight, just about, to have everything in a row for our trip to Adelaide and the week in the Murray. Including a stop-over at MeMum's for a combo Mother's Day and Gift Exchange. Exact day and time to be determined.

I have a LOT of clothes to wash. Mount Laundry has been gathered from all the scattered and temporary putting-down places, and it rather resembles Everest on top of Kilimanjaro on top of Olympus Mons. I'll prioritise, of course, but it would be loads easier if the sky wasn't constantly threatening to open on the Hills' Hoist.

On a good, sunny day, I can have three loads on the line, one in the dryer, and an exchange program going on. But these are not good, sunny days. Thanks, Climate Change.

Latest entertaining news from the Muppet: He apparently doesn't want to be President any more. It's too hard. Any time you're willing to abdicate, O Annoying Orange, we will applaud. Meanwhile... he got what he wanted and not what he needed1, so now he has to suck it.

Of course, it means that he's going to be a total failure inside of his self-set 100-day deadline, with very few appointees of an official capacity anywhere, no budget, and no way to pay for that firkin wall he got elected to build.

It serves everyone's racist arse just right.

This is what happens when you elect a public face to do a workhorse job, people. Learn from the massive mistake that is President Muppet. Hopefully his failure will encourage the rest of the world to wake up to itself. I can dream, right?

Meanwhile in Australia, Pauline "Australia First" Hanson and the One Nation party is gaining popularity amongst the older voters. Can they not see what racism and xenophobia are doing to other nations? Do they not realise that most of them are also descended from immigrants? One Nation is the worst possible thing to happen to this country and we don't need it.

All these people are scared that They are going to introduce Sharia Law to Australia when we all know damn well that we hold referendums on important laws in this country. Sharia is not going to "sneak in" any more than the Chinese were going to buy Australia piecemeal. Get over it.

I've ranted long enough about nonsense. On with the good stuff.

  1. What he needs, in my not-so-humble opinion, is several swift kicks to the rump and at least one smack upside the head.