Fun times ahoy

My brain is back to being like a sieve. Even more so than normal. Well, what passes for normal when I'm actually on Ashwagandha.

Bad news: I gotta wait a week before my order is ready. Y'all know this.

Good news: Beloved apparently has a stock of Ashwagandha at work. Enough to see me through until the eventual delivery day if there are no further complications.

Bad news: Beloved is not back to work until Tuesday because they were working on Saturday.


Still, I'd rather have Ashwagandha on Tuesday than be forced to slam the caffeine just to function tolerably well during an entire week. I mean, look at me. I've had a cup of coffee and now I'm imbibing a sugar-free Red Bull just to deliver you a daily tale.

I'm a mess.

I'll still be a mess when I have my meds, I'll just be less of a mess.

Let's go tell a story.