FUBAR'ed Again

Mayhem re-scheduled a make-up day to today so he could have his birthday. Fine. I made plans to drop him off at the train station so he could get there and get back.

Snag one: After taking literally two short trips inside city limits, he has somehow spent $35 of the $45 he had on his transit card.

Snag two: There are no trains today.

After turning the air blue, I drive back to the train station, set up the GPS, and drive son-of-mine through the mostly-closed streets of Brisbane to the furthest reaches of Toowong so that he can actually get to work.

Snag three: the GPS takes me on a Leyland's Tour on the way back home.

Winding roads, confusing "next turn" directions on my HUD [a printed plastic support for my phone that could plausibly double as a bludgeoning weapon], not knowing where the fuck I was until I hit the highway...

That was two hours of my life that I really didn't need to happen. I'm a stressed-out driver and my shoulders firkin ACHED after that one.

And I get to do it all again this afternoon. YAY.


I'm'a need a LOT of coffee...