Finally! Sleep!

Mayhem and I have had restless nights for a majority of the week, but for different reasons. Me, because not being able to breathe tends to wake me up. And Mayhem because something, somewhere went agley and he couldn't sleep.

Medical science is still trying to find out why it went agley in the first place.

The medication finally recommended by the doctors has worked enough to give him five hours of actual rest. Yay. I recommended some meditation stuff and white noise to help fill in the gap.

I've learned how to operate on six hours' sleep. Five seems to be a tweakable number. It's a damn sight better than zero.

Meanwhile, I finally did what I should have been doing all along, during the onset of Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season... take my goddamn Nebuliser dose before bed and when I wake in the morrow. In combination with my existing routine, it works to keep the wheezing down.

No sign of much in the way of phlegm, this time. Which is odd for me. By now, I should be horking up all kinds of fluid nonsense, much to the disgust of innocent bystanders.

You watch. It'll all come up as Bitzer's first Bronchial Cast [Google warning: gross graphic images] right in front of my heroes, Steam Powered Giraffe...

[When it comes to thinking up the worst thing to possibly happen, I am a firkin CHAMPION]

BUT, thanks to a good night's sleep, I actually had the energy to dig up the earrings I plan to wear En Robotte [of course Bitzer has a mismatched set lol] but I still haven't found the fans I want to mess with and then take along as a prop.

...I still don't know about doing the "Maman" photograph... I know I can get the parts with relative ease at Officeworks - but... Would I be doing bits with it? I dunno. I'll do it anyway, no doubt. And age it etc. so that it looks like it's been knocking around in a basement for 118+ years [Bitzer is 'only' 117. She turns 118 in October]

And -hey! I might take a bunch of emote photos and do an RP blog to keep her "alive" between cons.

But that's later. Much later. For now, I have to focus on getting it all together and doing at least one test before I haul off to the States.

Meanwhile, Beloved is planning to take a week of so they can be Primary Parental for a change. It's going to be interesting because Beloved so rarely gets out of bed before 9AM. Seeing a regular dawn for a week is going to do something to their brain, I swear.

BUT - I am late giving you a story. I should get right on to that.