Every single Cyclone Season

A long-ish time ago, when both my little darlings were in Public School, I paid $3K to get my nose broken. Deviated septum correction so I wouldn't keep Beloved awake with my stentorian snoring.

Fast forward to today, and I can pick up on the presence of every single low pressure system anywhere between Townsville and myself makes my face hurt until there's either a big-arse rainstorm and I reset, or the whole dang system goes away.

The only thing that really helps me abate the pain is mixing ibuprofen and acetaminophen [aka panadol or tylenol] which I am assured is no large problem when used for severe pain.

So thanks to that, I need to maintain a supply of Ibuprofen. Every single Cyclone season, I realise that my supplies have run out. Every single Cyclone season, I have to go find more and be certain I only use it when it's major pain time.

At the end of the cyclone season, I have "a few" ibuprofen and forget about needing them at all. All the way through a few storm detections until the next one where I start this nonsense all over again.

I am a derpy, derpy dummins.

Mayhem has a doctor's visit today, so I gotta keep an eye on the time and be ready for all the nonse associated with getting a doctor's note.